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2021 Summer Takeover

Action-Packed Summer Weekend
Jun 12-13, 2021
Gather your club and join SEG in the shadows of the golden dome for the Summer Takeover in South Bend, IN! This two-day event will offer multiple levels of competition ideal for your entire club. A perfect ending to your club's season!

Format & Rules 


3 Games Guaranteed

Adidas Game Balls Provided for Every Game

Full-Length Games*

Max 3 Licensed Sideline Coaches

All Games must be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game as listed below.

competition levels

  • GOLD: Available at every age
  • SILVER: Available at every age
  • BRONZE: Available at every age

The Ball

The tournament will provide Adidas game balls for every tournament game. 

Number Of Field Players

  •      U8-U10 (7v7): 5 players 
  •      U11-U12 (9v9): 6 players 
  •      U13-U19 (11v11): 7 players

roster maxes

No roster changes will be approved during the course of the tournament.

Maximum roster sizes:

  •      U8-U10 (7v7): 14 players 
  •      U11-U12 (9v9): 16 players 
  •      U13-U14 (11v11): 18 players 
  •      U15-U19 (11v11): 22 players (18 may dress per game)

Duration Of Matches

Age GroupAll Games (min)*
U8-U102 x 25 = 50
U11 - U12          2 x 30 = 60
U13 - U142 x 35 = 70
U15 - U182 x 40 = 80

There will be a five minute halftime.

All games will be played with a running clock. The referee may stop the clock for serious injuries or other incidents.

The referee is the official timekeeper, and therefore all decisions of this nature made by the referee are final.

complete tournament rules


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